• The Stradivarius C trumpet features a #239 one-piece hand hammered brass
  • bell and a #25C mouthpipe. (Other bell and mouthpipe choices are available)
  • This trumpet comes with Monel pistons and has a choice of two
  • bore sizes.
  • Bach trumpets include a Bach zippered case and your choice of Bach standard silver plated mouthpieces.


  • 25C (Standard): Some resistance, effective in centering tone production.
  • 25H: Bigger tone, more free-blowing and flexible than 25C.
  • 25R: Reversed construction, longer form of 25C. More open and free-blowing with darker sound. Additional length improves intonation of high register.
  • 25CC: Based on Vincent Bach’s 1955 design.
  • Other mouthpipes are available as special order.


  • 239: Rich, big, dark sound.
  • 229: Tends to be slightly broader than 239.
  • Other bells are available as special order.
  • Available in standard weight, lightweight, gold brass, heavyweight, lightweight gold brass, heavyweight gold brass, and Sterling Plus.


  • .459”: Medium Large
  • .462”: Large

Other Options

  • Silver Plating
  • Clear Lacquer
  • 1st Slide Trigger
  • 3rd Slide Waterkey
  • 3rd Valve Slide Trigger
  • Rounded Main Tuning Slide Crook
  • Extra Engraving
  • Choice of Bach Standard Silver Plated Mouthpieces