• The Vintage One series combines the best of the classic C.G. Conn trumpets with a modern design.
  • It has a .459” medium large bore and a one piece hand hammered yellow brass, rose brass or sterling silver bell.
  • A #46 standard mouthpipe is normally used, but with the choice of #34 or a #50 mouthpipe instead.
  • Two tuning slides are included, one with a more rounded curve and a push button waterkey, and the other with a more square shape and a lever style waterkey. Reverse mouthpipe is available with any mouthpipe configuration. A third slide water key can be added, either with the push button or lever style.
  • The patented Modular Valve Weight (MVW) System provides flexibility in response.
  • This trumpet comes with Monel pistons. Lacquer, silver plated, silver plated with 24K gold plated trim, and complete 24K gold plated finishes are available.
  • This trumpet includes a Pro Plus double case and your choice of silver plated standard CKB mouthpiece sizes.


  • 46 (Standard)
  • 34: Slightly more focus with excellent upper register.
  • 50: Very open with less resistance for dark sound and large bore feel.
  • Any of these mouthpipes are available with reverse construction.


  • Yellow Brass
  • Rose Brass
  • Sterling Silver


.459”: Medium Large

Other Options

  • Silver Plating
  • Clear Lacquer
  • Lightweight Body (with yellow brass bell only)
  • MVW System
  • Waterkey on 3rd valve slide, push button or lever style
  • Choice of CKB Silver Plated Mouthpieces