• These piccolos are handmade with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in the USA.
  • The most flawless, vintage grenadilla is used, with deluxe beveled sterling silver keywork and mechanism, gold springs, and the world-renowned Burkart scale.
  • The tone hole design gives a dark, aged quality to the sound of the instrument.
  • This signature Burkart instrument is coupled with a split-E mechanism, ergonomically placed finger buttons, and gold springs.
  • Options include standard Y arms (Custom model) or French style pointed arms (Deluxe model). A 14K gold mechanism is an option with the Deluxe model. A high G# facilitator can be added, as well as an on/off split E slide, to make it possible to engage or disengage the split E.
  • Headjoint choices include Modified Wave, Burkart or Clarion in grenadilla wood. Or choose a Clarion cut sterling silver headjoint.


Most vintage aged grenadilla wood, chosen for superior grain and cosmetics


Sterling silver mechanism with gold springs, sterling silver end rings

14K gold mechanism (Option on Deluxe mechanism)

Y Arms (Custom)

French Arms (Deluxe)


Split E

On/Off Split-E Side (Optional)

High G# Facilitator (Optional)


Burkart scale

German scale (Optional)


Modified Wave (Grenadilla)

Burkart (Grenadilla)

Clarion (Grenadilla)

Clarion cut in sterling silver


Sculpted corks and adjustments

Beveled ribs and finger buttons

Ergonomically placed touch pieces

Straubinger pads with cork pads in the trill cups