• The remarkable PFP-165E Piccolo is the culmination of years of exploration and research into the creation of a totally new material - Grenaditte.
  • Precise pitch, an exquisite tonal center and a spacious dynamic range are all to be found within this new, innovative instrument.
  • Grenaditte is impervious to temperature fluctuations, ensuring Pearl's remarkable performance anywhere.
  • In line with the entire Pearl flutes range, the PFP-165E is manufactured with a world renowned Pinless mechanism on its silver plated keys as standard and is the only piccolo on the market to feature this innovation.
  • The Pearl piccolo includes French pointed arms, a bulb design headjoint with your choice of a high wave or straight cut, and a Split E mechanism.




Silver-plated Pinless mechanism with French pointed arms


Split-E (Standard)


Bulb style with a high wave

Bulb style with a straight cut