• The YOB-841 features an 'open' bore configuration optimized to match 'American' style reeds.
  • On the YOB-841L the upper joint body is drilled out slightly larger, where a thin ebonite pipe with an oboe bore is adhered. Ebonite is an excellent material for wind instruments, as is proven with top-grade mouthpieces for saxophones and clarinets as well as bassoon liners.
  • The inner bore shape is complemented by tapered tone-holes with conical undercutting for a dark silky tone with a focused center.
  • This model was developed in close cooperation with the principal oboists of some of America's top orchestras.
  • The Philadelphia D key has an extra screw that permits fine adjustments to the high D for improved tone and tuning.
  • Third octave key and king-rosewood body are available on request.


  • Grenadilla body and bell
  • Kingwood body and bell (Optional)
  • Ebonite lined upper joint (Optional)


Silverplated nickel silver


  • Full conservatory system
  • Left hand F
  • Fork F resonance key
  • Philadelphia D key
  • Third octave key (Optional)


  • Slightly wider American bore design
  • Undercut tone holes with conical uppercuts
  • Cork pads on all but the three lowest keys