• The H378 has similar playing characteristics to those of the H178, with a bright, compact feel and sound.
  • Yellow brass produces a higher tone color with more overtones for clearer projection. It is capable of playing pianissimo staccato notes clearly and evenly.
  • It features the same parts as the H178, but with some braces, pull rings and medallion removed. The F auxiliary slide is not detachable, and the valve caps are plated and not jeweled, but this is a professional horn at a cost effective price.
  • It has a .468” bore, a 12.25” medium throat hand hammered bell, tapered rotors and bearings, yellow brass construction, and solid nickel silver inner and outer slides.
  • The model H379 has a nickel silver, large throated bell.


  • Yellow brass (H378 Standard)
  • Yellow brass with a nickel silver bell (H379 Standard)
  • Nickel silver inner and outer slides




  • 12.25” medium throat (H378 Standard)
  • 12.25” large throat (H379 Standard)
  • Hand hammered
  • Attached bell




  • Tapered rotors and bearings
  • String linkage


  • Choice of Farkas silver plated mouthpiece
  • Formed black case