• This horn is free blowing with rich and resonant intonation.
  • The bell and branch are made of a special brass alloy for a slightly darker coloring of tone.
  • With good projection the H180 is an excellent orchestral horn with dark sound and bright overtones.
  • It has a .468” bore, a 12.25” large throat hand hammered bell, tapered rotors and bearings, yellow brass construction, a water key on the mouthpipe, and solid nickel silver inner and outer slides.
  • The model H280 has all the above features plus a detachable screw bell.


  • Yellow brass
  • Nickel silver inner and outer slides




  • 12.25” large throat
  • Hand hammered
  • Attached bell (H180 Standard)
  • Detachable screw bell (H280 Standard)




  • Tapered rotors and bearings
  • String linkage


  • .310” Venturi
  • Water key on the mouthpipe
  • Choice of Farkas silver plated mouthpiece
  • Wood shell case with black fabric exterior (H180 Standard)
  • Screw bell wood shell case with maroon vinyl exterior (H280 Standard)