• A Drawn Tonehole flute, handmade with the highest quality and tone, available in Sterling Silver or Aurumite®.
  • Each sterling silver Conservatory flute possesses the special sonority, scale, and color for which Powell instruments are known.
  • Conservatory flutes feature Powell’s Posi-Stop™ tail design and a pinless mechanism.
  • Conservatory flutes have professional appointments, such as 10K white gold springs, Straubinger pads, a padded leather case cover, and a handmade headjoint.
  • There are three headjoint cuts. The Philharmonic: capable of broad dynamic ranges, creating a deep rich tone with extraordinary carrying power and focus. The Soloist: designed in conjunction with Ransom Wilson, the Soloist is an open style that combines considerable ease of playability with the sound of the Philharmonic, and it has an especially strong bottom octave. The Venti: a very colorful and rich headjoint, designed in conjunction with Paul Edmund Davies. It is open, has a large dynamic range, and possesses a powerful and especially free high register.

Key Cups/Alignment

Open Hole, French Key Cups with Inline G Keys

Open Hole, French Key Cups with Offset G Keys




Body Tubing

.016” Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver Pinless Mechanism

Aurumite® 9K with Sterling Silver Pinless Mechanism





The above styles are made in .014”, .016” or .018” sterling silver, 10K yellow, 14K rose or white, or 19.5K rose gold, platinum or grenadilla wood. A 14K or platinum riser/wall can be added, or a 14K riser/wall and lip plate to a sterling silver headjoint. The gold headjoints have matching risers/walls and lip plates. The Aurumite® 9K has a sterling silver riser/wall and 9K lip plate. The platinum has a 10K yellow gold riser/wall and lip plate. The grenadilla wood headjoint comes with your choice of a sterling silver or 14K rose gold tenon.


Low B

Low C


  • C# Trill
  • Split E
  • Lower G Insert (G Disc) (Standard)
  • High C Facilitator (Gizmo Key) (Standard)