• The 1107 is a .958 Britannia Silver Flute (body and headjoint) with a Silver Plated Mechanism, Drawn Tone Holes and Stainless Steel Springs.
  • Each silver series flute includes a case, cover, cleaning rod and cleaning cloth.

Key Alignment

  • Inline G
  • Offset G


  • A-440
  • A-442
  • A-445


  • Classic - Vibrant warmth and projection.  The pure tonal center allows for a greater felxibility within an infinite color palatte.
  • Z Cut - With a slightly more rectangular embouchure hole, this headjoint is both free-blowing and responsive without sacraficing control.

Both headjoints available in various riser and lip plate metal combinations.


  • Split E
  • C# Trill
  • Open G#