• This model features a pre-war Heckel key system and a thinner wall, larger bore, long seasoned maple body.
  • Other features include a C plate, high C key, and a high D key. 
  • It has 6 roller keys: F & Ab ; Ab & F# ; low Eb & low C#.
  • The included trill keys are F-G (high E key) and the E-F#.
  • These models include 2 bocals, a hand crutch, and a neck strap.


Long seasoned maple


Silverplated nickel silver

Blue steel springs


  • Heckel system F & Ab, Ab & F#, low Eb & low C# rollers
  • High C and High D keys F-G (high E key), E-F# trill keys
  • Bb key guard (Optional)
  • C#, pp lock, F# lever, Bb key, or E rollers (Optional)
  • Left hand Eb, right hand Eb, C, or D trill keys (Optional)
  • Other options include: Bb key guard, tonehole silver tubes, joint hinge, balancer, right hand pp slide system, and an A pp arm connector