William Lewis

At William Lewis and Son, they know what it takes to make great music: craftsmanship, patience, cooperation. They recognize that the excellence of the orchestra depends on each individual. They know that recognition comes from a job well done. They've been building qualities into their stringed instruments for years, putting a symbol of success right into the hands of players. From our attention to detail, to quality materials and workmanship, a William Lewis and Son stringed instrument gives players a firsthand look at what it means to do things right.

Concerned by the lack of quality instruments and service for his students and colleagues, William Lewis (1835-1902) formed the Chicago Music Company in 1874 with his partners Newell and Gibbs. Located in the heart of the Chicago business district, players from the finest symphony orchestras in the world would often visit Lewis' shop to have their own instruments appraised or serviced. Amati, Guarneri, and Stradivarius were commonly in inventory. He later renamed the business William Lewis Company (1886) as William Lewis and Son (1896). Fred Lewis succeeded his father as president of the company.

Today, William Lewis and Son instruments continue the legacy of quality and service for orchestral string musicians.

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Instrument Brand Model Price
Violins William Lewis WL85 Yuuto Aichi Violin $3,709