For nearly fifty years, Schilke trumpets and cornets have defined a generation of professional brass playing in performance and recording. Distinguished by their outstanding intonation, response, and projection, the Schilke Company is generally acknowledged for producing the finest built brass instruments of their kind in the world.

Referred to as “Custom Built”, they make each instrument by hand with the same sense of attention and detail of a custom maker. All parts are produced at the facility in Melrose Park, IL USA. They start with a valve set and build out. Their valves and slides are fit at the tightest tolerences and have set a standard within the industry. They hand fit each brace, hand strap and scrape each horn rather than use a de-lead solution to clean excess solder from the joints. Not only does this improve the aesthetic of the trumpet giving it a cleaner look but they also believe it makes the joint stronger.

These time-honored traditions come together to create instruments that are uniquely elegant, balanced to hold, and most importantly superior in tone quality. Since Renold O. Schilke established the Schilke Company in 1956, this build process, attention to detail and old world craftsmanship provide the thread of continuity that’s created a “Standard of Excellence” in manufacturing and brass playing for half a century.

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