Scherl & Roth

Scherl and Roth string instruments continue the rich legacy that began with a long line of respected German craftsmen. It was such a craftsman, with his eye on America, who laid the foundation for one of the most respected names in stringed instruments.

Heinrich Roth was a seventh-generation violinmaker who worked with his father, Ernst Heinrich Roth, and his brother, Albert, in the family shop in Markneukirchen, Germany. Through the early 20th Century, the family had built a reputation for making fine string instruments and sold many to visiting Americans. In 1922, Heinrich was persuaded by his American customers and friends to come to the United States, bringing the experience and reputation of Roth instruments with him.

After a few brief jobs in violin departments of other companies, Roth’s expertise led him to manage the Simson and Frey violin department, where his reputation grew throughout the United States and abroad. In 1932, upon the retirement of Herman Simsom, Roth teamed with Max Scherl to buy the Simson and Frey firm. They renamed it Scherl and Roth. In 1938, the company moved from New York to Cleveland, Ohio. Over the years, Scherl and Roth expanded its role as a leader in the string instrument market. Today, professional-style Scherl and Roth master instruments continue to bring exhilarating life to classical and modern compositions.

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Instrument Brand Model Price
Violins Scherl & Roth R38 Violin $1,199