Lillian Burkart has spent decades researching and refining the piccolo. The widely acclaimed Burkart piccolo sets industry standards and is played in many of the world’s top orchestras. In concert with James Phelan, Ms. Burkart continues to apply precise and technically advanced methods to the crafting of piccolos. From the selection and aging of the finest woods, to the tooling of keys and mechanisms, and, finally, to the careful voicing of each instrument, every Burkart piccolo is unsurpassed in tone and playability.

Expounding upon their highly regarded reputation for professional piccolos, Burkart is committed to excellence in their flutemaking. James Phelan developed the scale that is the cornerstone of all Burkart flutes. Mathematically derived, it is known for evenness and stability of pitch.

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Instrument Brand Model Price
Piccolos Burkart Resona $2,664